Buenos Aires

When: July – August, 2019

Where: Starts at Jorge Newbery Airport, Buenos Aires City.

Who: co-sponsors Fundación Mundo Sano, Aeropuertos Argentina 2000 (AA2000), and the Argentine Society of Vaccines and Epidemiology (SAVE).

This exhibit starts in Buenos Aires, and will be travelling every two months to major airports throughout the country. Placing the exhibit at public areas in airports reaches out to a non-specialized audience particularly susceptible to the issues raised. The goal is to increase awareness on infectious disease epidemics to the largest possible audience. Next cities will be Salta, Resistencia, and Puerto Iguazú.

The Harvard exhibit is complemented with local panels on Chagas disease, yellow fever, achievements of vaccine programs in Argentina, and the 2009 Argentine outbreak of influenza A H1N1.